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Crispy Duck Meat at Ped Restaurant, Dannok, Thailand

Went to Dannok on Christmas for a small getaway. Been here few times (ahem, for food and shopping, okay, not what you’re thinking right now, ahem). This is like the quickest international trip that you can go for, ha-ha. Just 2 hours away from Penang by car and here you go, Dannok – the famous place for guys to be here. Ha-ha. Was googling for nice restaurant around this area and 90% of the search result will be showing Water View restaurant. Haven’t try that out yet, will do next time. It took a while to come to this wonderful restaurant serving awesome crispy duck meat – Ped Restaurant. It’s located very near to the Thailand Immigration center. I would say the crispy meat at Ped restaurant is one of the best dishes I ever had in Dannok.


Walked into this restaurant at 6PM (Thailand time) and it’s their exact operating hours. Phew.. Lucky. This restaurant will easily be fully booked by any tour agency. When we were there, approx. 60% of the restaurant had been booked.

Went through the menu and don’t be surprised that there won’t be any price tag on every dishes. I would say the price is slightly higher than any restaurant over there, but it’s really worth it for the deliciousness that you’ll be having. We ordered 2 dishes – Crispy Duck Meat and Stir Fry Kailan with Pork Meat. We were served with sliced cold cucumber and this starter is pretty refreshing. It came with the sambal (chili paste) and I hereby give you a stern warning that this sambal is no joke. The spiciness can set your tongue on fire, and the fragrance of it – 10/10.


We ordered Iced Tea as well. If you haven’t try out Thai style Iced tea, you can order one and try it out. The taste is very different from the iced tea served in any places in Malaysia. Probably due to the milk that they used? Not that sure either. It may be too sweet for most of the people. I like it though, it’s quite similar to the taste of Iced Tea that I had in most of the Thai restaurants in United States.

Here it comes – Crispy Duck Meat. The tenderness of the meat and crispiness (flour batter?) that wrapped the meat is awesome. But I wouldn’t give full mark yet. Reason being I personally feel that it could have re-heated or re-fried. I might be wrong, just that it feel that way too me. But don’t get me wrong – it’s still good (awesome) actually. The Kai Lan vegetable dish is pretty good as well. The total bill come up to RM50 for 2 dishes, 1 full bowl of rice, and an Iced Tea. The price is indeed at higher range, but it’s seriously worth it. Try it out, and tell me what do you think about Ped Restaurant.


IMG_20151224_181831 IMG_20151224_181917

Ped Restaurant
Dannok, Thailand
Location: I wish I could add in the Google Maps (the plugin is not working that well)
On the way heading towards the Thailand Immigration (Heading back to Malaysia), you’ll be seeing the Oscar Palace Hotel. Go straight, and turn at the second left (that’s the last road before reaching the immigration). The restaurant is on the left. The signboard is quite visible from the main road as well, so you can take a look first before making the turn into the road.

Ssambap Korean BBQ @ Krystal Point, Bayan Baru

More and more Korean restaurants start to bloom in Penang. Thanks to the Korean Craze (K-Pop song, Running Man, PSY!), more and more Korean influence is coming up. Well, it’s a good thing, which means there’s more choices of restaurants for us to choose. Ssambap Korean BBQ located in Krystal Point, Bayan Baru. It’s right next to Sriwan Thai Food and Domino’s Pizza.


First impression when I walk into the restaurant – Cozy and nice. Maybe it’s due to the wood interior design that they have in the restaurant. There aren’t many tables around but it does easily get packed in a short period of time. Menu is pretty straight forward and for the BBQ sets, you have to order 2 sets minimum. Hence, we ordered Samgyeopsal (Grilled Pork Belly), RM28 and Dak Bulgogi (Chicken Bulgogi), RM25. With additional one more order of Bibimbap (Stone rice), which made my stomach bloated at the end of the dinner session. Ha-ha.


The side dishes (the standard trademark for all Korean restaurants) is pretty awesome and there’s more variety compared to the rest. Here, they serve total of 9 side dishes (compared to the usual 5-6 in other places). Some of them are pretty good – sliced mushroom; as well as potato topped with corn and mayonnaise.


The grill plate that they have is pretty unique as well. There’s small area (4 of them) circle around the grill plate, where 1 of them is packed with kimchi, 1 of them is packed with mushroom, and 2 of them is filled up with stirred eggs with chives. First time seeing this and the taste is pretty good. But let’s focus on the main hero, shall we? The BBQ items – Samgyeopsal and Dak Bulgogi.


The Samgyeopsal that they offered is pretty thick. For meat lovers, they will definitely feel the value for money. Taste wise, it’s pretty good but definitely not extraordinary. Meanwhile, the Dak Bulgogi is pretty tasty. Think probably the meat had been seasoned for quite some time. But there’s quite a huge number of skins (maybe I’m just being picky that they should have remove the skins, or just leave it with some).


The Bibimbap, I would just rate is 6/10. I would say it’s due to the sauce that they have used. Nothing to shout about for this dish. Ordinary. Probably they can consider to change the Kochujang (Bibimbap sauce) and that can boost up the taste of it.

Try it out and let me know what you think about Ssambap Korean BBQ.

Ssambaq Korean BBQ
1-1-24, Krystal Point, Jalan Tun Dr. Awang, 11900, Bayan Lepas, Penang
Operating hours: 11 am to 3 pm; 5 pm to 10 pm

Burger Special @ Hilmee Burger Jalan Tengah, Bayan Baru

Similar to the coffee café trend, burger trend has landed to Penang for quite some time now. Sometimes, just normal burger stall can be awesomely delicious too, and most importantly, economical. One burger at those hippie burger joint can easily cost you RM20 per burger, with fries and maybe without drinks. I’m not saying those aren’t good. It can be awesomely good as well. Today I’m going to blog one of my favorite burger stall – Hilmee Burger Jalan Tengah. And my usual favorite – Burger Special.

This burger stall is located at those flats at Jalan Tengah, Bayan Baru. If you’re in the main road (the road to the airport, turn right into Jalan Tengah. You’ll be seeing a few blocks of flats over there. Make a left turn into the flats, and the burger stall is on the right side of the road. It’s just right opposite of the Surau (smaller version of mosque).

hilmee burger opposite surau

Burger special – the usual one that I would have ordered every time I’m at Hilmee Burger Jalan Tengah. Together with an Ice Lemon Tea and a nasi lemak. Ha-ha. Heavy dinner.

mustache owner hilmee

I didn’t really take any picture of the burger as I personally feel picture won’t do any justice to the quality and deliciousness of the burger. This is not gourmet burger that you’re paying RM20 for, hence, looks may not be the first priority of this mustache owner. Ha-ha.

The method of making the burger ain’t new to me, may be very new to lots of Penangite (by the way, I’m Penangite as well, I’m from the Mainland side). What is it that makes this burger so delicious? The owner will cook the burger patty (Ramly brand) and once it’s 70% cook, he will slice the burger into half, and pour the Lea & Perrins sauce on it. Once done, it will be wrapped with egg (depends on what you order). Paired with heavy mayonnaise applied on the bread, combo-ed with tomatoes, lettuce and slightly cooked burger bread, there you go. A nice and cheap burger.

hilmee burger

Hilmee Burger
Jalan Tengah, Bayan Baru (among the flats)
Operating hours: I would say starting from 5.30PM on the weekdays. Not really sure if they’re selling during the weekends.
Contact Number: 012-409 3644

[wpgmza id=”1″]

Uncle Tetsu Cheesecake – Summerton, Bayan Baru

This is the second time I’m having Uncle Tetsu Cheesecake and it’s pretty awesome, as usual. Cheesecake lovers will definitely be in love with the soft, creamy, spongy and delicious cheesecake that they offer. This is located at Summerton, Bayan Baru – the hip place located nearby Queensbay mall. This is also the very first store when they decided to open up the operation in Penang island (first in Malaysia being in 1-Utama in October 2014. Please correct me if I’m wrong).

Usually it will be an extremely long queue, and their Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) would be

  1. Queue up
  2. Order, pay and get your receipt
  3. Come back after 1 hour to collect your cheesecake

IMG_20151220_175646Queue up, guys and gals!

Sometimes, you will be able to just walk in (probably at those odd hours like tea time, before dinner time, and etc.) and order it right from the counter – like how I did for my previous 2 experiences with Uncle Tetsu Cheesecake. Usually, I’ll be swinging by Uncle Tetsu cheesecake shop at 5PM, and order it right away. And there you go, beautiful delicious cheesecake right in front of me. Ha-ha.

IMG_20151220_175649Is that all mine? I wish.

Signature Japanese Cotton Cheesecake (RM21 each) is always the main choice that I’m heading for. Currently they do provide chocolate flavor. Haven’t try that out yet, probably next time. For those stay in town (Georgetown area or further up), worry not. I heard that they had opened up a new franchise at Gurney Plaza (ground floor if not mistaken). Go satisfy your crave for cheesecakes!

IMG_20151220_175700Yeah, come pick me up.

Uncle Tetsu Cheesecake (てつおじさんのチーズケーキ)
Address: 110-01-05, Persiaran Bayan Indah, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang
Contact number: 04-683 1327 (They don’t entertain order via phone, you will need to pay upfront first)
Business hours: 10AM till 10PM


Miss Universe announcement by Steve Harvey

Wow. Just wow. That was a horrible, terrible, unforgivable mistake, man. But good thing is that everyone get to know that Miss Universe competition was held lately. Ha-ha. I do wonder if this whole blunder is staged or not.

Miss Universe 2015 had just concluded with such a huge blunder. Steve Harvey, the host for the event, mistakenly crowning Miss Colombia, Ariadna Gutierrez-Arévalo, as the winner of the 2015 beauty pageant.

‘I have to apologize’. 4 words, uttered from Harvey, that cost Miss Colombia’s smile from her face. ‘The first runner-up is Colombia. Miss Universe 2015 is Philippines,’ Harvey said.

Miss Universe Steve HarveyHold on guys.. I made a mistake..

Anyway, blunder aside. Congrats to Miss Philippines, Pia Alonzo Wurztbach for winning the biggest beauty pageant in the world.

Miss Universe Miss Colombia Miss PhilippinesThe 2 minutes of fame ended for Miss Colombia, and the ultimate fame started for Miss Philippines.

Even the President of Colombia had stepped up and say something.

Coffeesmith @ Summerton, Bayan Baru – Roasted Almond Latte

To date, I think there’s more than 100 cafés in Penang. To try them all, wow, that’s gonna increase my caffeine tolerance to the max. And it ain’t cheap as well (nowadays a cup of latte will easily cost you RM10 and above). Among most of the cafés that I’ve tried in Bayan Lepas, Penang area, I found Coffeesmith provides pretty good coffee. Had a cup of Roasted Almond Latte (RM11.65 inclusive of GST) today and it’s pretty tasty. The aroma, the smoothness of the latte. And not to mention the art on top of it, exquisite.

Coffeesmith Summerton Roasted Almond Latte

So far, I only know 2 branches of Coffeesmith. One at Summerton, nearby Queensbay and one more at Persiaran Karpal Singh. The one I tried several times now is at Summerton.

Coffeesmith Summerton Queensbay

You can visit their Facebook at

Being in peace is better than being right

Came across an inspirational picture quote this morning. Being in peace is definitely one of the most important (or it IS the most important) for human being nowadays.

Being in peace is better than being right

I would say this is a pretty deep quote. And definitely something I wish to learn and acquire for 2016. For what had happened to me lately, it’s pretty hard to find peace in mind.

Usually for any inspirational quote, it really depends on how you interpret it. For me? I would say the most important key message here is to stay low profile and gain inner peace rather than trying to prove yourself right. Most of the times, in our lives, we get misunderstood, whether being intentionally or unintentionally. And most of the times, we will try our best to explain ourselves, to clear our names, to clear their doubts on us. One time, two times and many times.

Is it important to be right? I won’t deny that it’s a yes to me. But this is not to win or anything. I’m a type of people that dislike misunderstanding. Life’s short, why waste our time for any 2 people to fall into misunderstanding realm.

Time to ponder and wonder. And start to change my mindset. Like my lecturer said,miracle and wonders happen when you start wandering around. 🙂

Editing WordPress file with Smartphone and Mobile Devices

Nowadays it’s pretty hard to carry a laptop around (though laptop is getting smaller and lighter) due to the convenience of smartphone devices. I won’t say that smartphone is able to replace all the functionality of a laptop (I’m writing this post with my laptop. Ha-ha), but just want to say if your smartphone is equipped with necessary tools, that would make your life much easier. Editing WordPress or any blog tools can be a tedious job, and time consuming. When i say Editing WordPress, I mean editing the source code of some certain files – for e.g. wpconfig.php and upload it using File Transfer Protocol client.

Here’s what I have. (By the way, I’m using Android phone – Xiaomi Mi Note)

  1. AndFTP – a pretty useful FTP client. One simple sentence – does what it meant to do.

    Editing WordPress - AndFTPWhat you need to do is to get the login information (usually located in your hosting website. For, it’s located under and go to Settings > SSH & SFTP. All the information is there for you to key in once you’ve downloaded AndFTP. Click on Toggle Password to show the password.
    One advise – ALWAYS backup your file before you do anything to it. One way is to name the file as old_<existingFileName>.
  2. QuickEdit Text Editor – used this previously to edit my wp-config.php file and does its wonder.

    Editing WordPress - QuickEditWith this installed, all you need to do is launch the apps, and click on the Document Icon on the top right, and click Open. Open the file that you want to edit, and go ahead. Once done, click on the icon again, and click on Save.  One heads-up, you can’t press and hold on any empty area for copy/paste. It doesn’t work that way. Click on the Pencil icon on top right if you would like to Paste or do any other action.

So far, these 2 works like a champ for me (finger crossed), and it helps me to solve the blank text issue on Visual Editor (link to previous post) while I was driving. 😛

So far I’m using these 2. I’ll update whenever I installed more apps that help me out.

Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens [No spoilers ahead, no worries]

Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens. Probably the most discussed movie throughout entire 2015. No spoilers, no worries.

Star Wars VII
Google for bigger and better quality Star Wars VII The Force Awakens official poster.

Just watched it today and I would say that I almost jizzed in my pants (not literally) when Millennium Falcon came out. A great movie, nevertheless. Don’t worry if you’re not a big Star Wars fan, or you have never seen any of the franchise. As long as you know Darth Vader is Anakin Skywalker, and he is Luke’s father (that’s not a spoiler, right? This is like well known across the Internet) will do.

Pretty smooth storyline with lots of element from the past. Han Solo is back, Princess Leia is back, Chewie is back. That’s it, not going to say anymore. Enjoy this movie and rate it by yourself. For me, I would give a solid 8/10.

See the score of Rotten Tomatoes – Wow..

Google redirect to ‘Home’ Country depending on where you are connected

Google redirect – one of the most pain-in-the-ass feature that I’ve ever encountered. This may worth a post as well. Used to bump to this issue long time ago, and due to fixing the WordPress (which I went to clear all the browsing history), the issue happen again.

‘Thanks’ to Google that ‘help’ the users to detect their location automatically and address them to the respective Google of the country. Best part, I’m connected to my broadband (Malaysia) and somehow whenever I open Google, it redirects me to Google Japan. Do I look like a Japanese now? Or this is a sign that I should pick up Japanese and leave this country? Hmm, you tell me then.

Google redirect pain

SOLUTIONS: Whenever you face this issue, what you can do is manually go to NCR is referring to No Country Redirect.

Hence, what you can do (if you’re like me, where you like your first page to be Google), you can set as your home page in your preferred browser (Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer).

By doing this, what will happen is that whenever you open up your browser and it will load up the Home Page which has been set to Google No Country Redirect. This will bring you to and not Google of any specific country (which means, for my case, it redirects me to Google Japan, and the entire wording is in Japanese). Google redirect – I’m not really sure if this is a useful feature to begin with. I mean let the users decide on which site that they want to go. Perhaps instead of Google redirect, maybe there’s a button or anything that user can click, or set in their Google preferences (From Gmail let say) and that settings determine which Google site they should be brought up to.