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Google redirect to ‘Home’ Country depending on where you are connected

Google redirect – one of the most pain-in-the-ass feature that I’ve ever encountered. This may worth a post as well. Used to bump to this issue long time ago, and due to fixing the WordPress (which I went to clear all the browsing history), the issue happen again.

‘Thanks’ to Google that ‘help’ the users to detect their location automatically and address them to the respective Google of the country. Best part, I’m connected to my broadband (Malaysia) and somehow whenever I open Google, it redirects me to Google Japan. Do I look like a Japanese now? Or this is a sign that I should pick up Japanese and leave this country? Hmm, you tell me then.

Google redirect pain

SOLUTIONS: Whenever you face this issue, what you can do is manually go to www.google.com/ncr. NCR is referring to No Country Redirect.

Hence, what you can do (if you’re like me, where you like your first page to be Google), you can set www.google.com/ncr as your home page in your preferred browser (Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer).

By doing this, what will happen is that whenever you open up your browser and it will load up the Home Page which has been set to Google No Country Redirect. This will bring you to www.google.com and not Google of any specific country (which means, for my case, it redirects me to Google Japan, and the entire wording is in Japanese). Google redirect – I’m not really sure if this is a useful feature to begin with. I mean let the users decide on which site that they want to go. Perhaps instead of Google redirect, maybe there’s a button or anything that user can click, or set in their Google preferences (From Gmail let say) and that settings determine which Google site they should be brought up to.

WordPress showing blank text area and missing button in Visual Editor

This is the permanent fix for WordPress showing blank text area and missing button in Visual Editor.

Open up your wp-config.php (you can do that by connecting to the file server via FTP client) and add these line into the file (you can add these right before ‘That’s all, stop editing! Happy Blogging.’).


This step totally fix my headache (that had bugging me for 2 days). Please try it out and hope this helps for you as well. Else, you can try out the methods mentioned below. Leave me some comment if it does or doesn’t help.

Some of you that’s new to WordPress (like me) would eagerly wanting to create a new post. And once you click on Add New to create a new post, you might bump into an issue where you can’t see what you type in the Body area. Well, it’s not that it’s blank, but it’s actually you’re typing in White font on White background! Bummer..

I tried to search the solution for good 1 hour across the net, tried every single methods and finally get to 1 solution (though it’s not fully solved, I’ll tell you what later).

Problem Statement: Blank text area in Body area during writing new post in WordPress
Actual issue: It’s writing in White font on White background.
Investigation: This only happen to me when I’m using Chrome and not other browsers (more bummer..)
Root cause: Chrome Plugins screwed up
What you can do to fix it:

  1. Go to Chrome Settings (top right corner) > Settings > Extension (on the left menu) and disable all Extension
  2. Go to Chrome Settings > Settings > Show Advanced Settings > Privacy > Content Settings and disable all Plugins

Hope this works for you and everyone else.

* As per mentioned earlier, it’s not fully fixed, as this issue still happens when I tried to edit the existing post. Ended up, I’m using Firefox (with all plugins disabled).


Hello world!

Hello world! Wow, how I miss these statement when I first learned about programming during my Computer Science study.  🙂

Let’s keep this simple (after all, life should be simple, right?). New blog (again) – a place to share, explore, learn, rant, discuss, swear, and many more.