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Being in peace is better than being right

Came across an inspirational picture quote this morning. Being in peace is definitely one of the most important (or it IS the most important) for human being nowadays.

Being in peace is better than being right

I would say this is a pretty deep quote. And definitely something I wish to learn and acquire for 2016. For what had happened to me lately, it’s pretty hard to find peace in mind.

Usually for any inspirational quote, it really depends on how you interpret it. For me? I would say the most important key message here is to stay low profile and gain inner peace rather than trying to prove yourself right. Most of the times, in our lives, we get misunderstood, whether being intentionally or unintentionally. And most of the times, we will try our best to explain ourselves, to clear our names, to clear their doubts on us. One time, two times and many times.

Is it important to be right? I won’t deny that it’s a yes to me. But this is not to win or anything. I’m a type of people that dislike misunderstanding. Life’s short, why waste our time for any 2 people to fall into misunderstanding realm.

Time to ponder and wonder. And start to change my mindset. Like my lecturer said,miracle and wonders happen when you start wandering around. 🙂

Editing WordPress file with Smartphone and Mobile Devices

Nowadays it’s pretty hard to carry a laptop around (though laptop is getting smaller and lighter) due to the convenience of smartphone devices. I won’t say that smartphone is able to replace all the functionality of a laptop (I’m writing this post with my laptop. Ha-ha), but just want to say if your smartphone is equipped with necessary tools, that would make your life much easier. Editing WordPress or any blog tools can be a tedious job, and time consuming. When i say Editing WordPress, I mean editing the source code of some certain files – for e.g. wpconfig.php and upload it using File Transfer Protocol client.

Here’s what I have. (By the way, I’m using Android phone – Xiaomi Mi Note)

  1. AndFTP – a pretty useful FTP client. One simple sentence – does what it meant to do.

    Editing WordPress - AndFTPWhat you need to do is to get the login information (usually located in your hosting website. For GoDaddy.com, it’s located under http://gateway.godaddy.com/ and go to Settings > SSH & SFTP. All the information is there for you to key in once you’ve downloaded AndFTP. Click on Toggle Password to show the password.
    One advise – ALWAYS backup your file before you do anything to it. One way is to name the file as old_<existingFileName>.
  2. QuickEdit Text Editor – used this previously to edit my wp-config.php file and does its wonder.

    Editing WordPress - QuickEditWith this installed, all you need to do is launch the apps, and click on the Document Icon on the top right, and click Open. Open the file that you want to edit, and go ahead. Once done, click on the icon again, and click on Save.  One heads-up, you can’t press and hold on any empty area for copy/paste. It doesn’t work that way. Click on the Pencil icon on top right if you would like to Paste or do any other action.

So far, these 2 works like a champ for me (finger crossed), and it helps me to solve the blank text issue on Visual Editor (link to previous post) while I was driving. 😛

So far I’m using these 2. I’ll update whenever I installed more apps that help me out.

Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens [No spoilers ahead, no worries]

Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens. Probably the most discussed movie throughout entire 2015. No spoilers, no worries.

Star Wars VII
Google for bigger and better quality Star Wars VII The Force Awakens official poster.

Just watched it today and I would say that I almost jizzed in my pants (not literally) when Millennium Falcon came out. A great movie, nevertheless. Don’t worry if you’re not a big Star Wars fan, or you have never seen any of the franchise. As long as you know Darth Vader is Anakin Skywalker, and he is Luke’s father (that’s not a spoiler, right? This is like well known across the Internet) will do.

Pretty smooth storyline with lots of element from the past. Han Solo is back, Princess Leia is back, Chewie is back. That’s it, not going to say anymore. Enjoy this movie and rate it by yourself. For me, I would give a solid 8/10.

See the score of Rotten Tomatoes – Wow..