Being in peace is better than being right

By | December 20, 2015

Came across an inspirational picture quote this morning. Being in peace is definitely one of the most important (or it IS the most important) for human being nowadays.

Being in peace is better than being right

I would say this is a pretty deep quote. And definitely something I wish to learn and acquire for 2016. For what had happened to me lately, it’s pretty hard to find peace in mind.

Usually for any inspirational quote, it really depends on how you interpret it. For me? I would say the most important key message here is to stay low profile and gain inner peace rather than trying to prove yourself right. Most of the times, in our lives, we get misunderstood, whether being intentionally or unintentionally. And most of the times, we will try our best to explain ourselves, to clear our names, to clear their doubts on us. One time, two times and many times.

Is it important to be right? I won’t deny that it’s a yes to me. But this is not to win or anything. I’m a type of people that dislike misunderstanding. Life’s short, why waste our time for any 2 people to fall into misunderstanding realm.

Time to ponder and wonder. And start to change my mindset. Like my lecturer said,miracle and wonders happen when you start wandering around. 🙂

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