Crispy Duck Meat at Ped Restaurant, Dannok, Thailand

By | December 28, 2015

Went to Dannok on Christmas for a small getaway. Been here few times (ahem, for food and shopping, okay, not what you’re thinking right now, ahem). This is like the quickest international trip that you can go for, ha-ha. Just 2 hours away from Penang by car and here you go, Dannok – the famous place for guys to be here. Ha-ha. Was googling for nice restaurant around this area and 90% of the search result will be showing Water View restaurant. Haven’t try that out yet, will do next time. It took a while to come to this wonderful restaurant serving awesome crispy duck meat – Ped Restaurant. It’s located very near to the Thailand Immigration center. I would say the crispy meat at Ped restaurant is one of the best dishes I ever had in Dannok.


Walked into this restaurant at 6PM (Thailand time) and it’s their exact operating hours. Phew.. Lucky. This restaurant will easily be fully booked by any tour agency. When we were there, approx. 60% of the restaurant had been booked.

Went through the menu and don’t be surprised that there won’t be any price tag on every dishes. I would say the price is slightly higher than any restaurant over there, but it’s really worth it for the deliciousness that you’ll be having. We ordered 2 dishes – Crispy Duck Meat and Stir Fry Kailan with Pork Meat. We were served with sliced cold cucumber and this starter is pretty refreshing. It came with the sambal (chili paste) and I hereby give you a stern warning that this sambal is no joke. The spiciness can set your tongue on fire, and the fragrance of it – 10/10.


We ordered Iced Tea as well. If you haven’t try out Thai style Iced tea, you can order one and try it out. The taste is very different from the iced tea served in any places in Malaysia. Probably due to the milk that they used? Not that sure either. It may be too sweet for most of the people. I like it though, it’s quite similar to the taste of Iced Tea that I had in most of the Thai restaurants in United States.

Here it comes – Crispy Duck Meat. The tenderness of the meat and crispiness (flour batter?) that wrapped the meat is awesome. But I wouldn’t give full mark yet. Reason being I personally feel that it could have re-heated or re-fried. I might be wrong, just that it feel that way too me. But don’t get me wrong – it’s still good (awesome) actually. The Kai Lan vegetable dish is pretty good as well. The total bill come up to RM50 for 2 dishes, 1 full bowl of rice, and an Iced Tea. The price is indeed at higher range, but it’s seriously worth it. Try it out, and tell me what do you think about Ped Restaurant.


IMG_20151224_181831 IMG_20151224_181917

Ped Restaurant
Dannok, Thailand
Location: I wish I could add in the Google Maps (the plugin is not working that well)
On the way heading towards the Thailand Immigration (Heading back to Malaysia), you’ll be seeing the Oscar Palace Hotel. Go straight, and turn at the second left (that’s the last road before reaching the immigration). The restaurant is on the left. The signboard is quite visible from the main road as well, so you can take a look first before making the turn into the road.

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