Burger Special @ Hilmee Burger Jalan Tengah, Bayan Baru

By | December 23, 2015

Similar to the coffee café trend, burger trend has landed to Penang for quite some time now. Sometimes, just normal burger stall can be awesomely delicious too, and most importantly, economical. One burger at those hippie burger joint can easily cost you RM20 per burger, with fries and maybe without drinks. I’m not saying those aren’t good. It can be awesomely good as well. Today I’m going to blog one of my favorite burger stall – Hilmee Burger Jalan Tengah. And my usual favorite – Burger Special.

This burger stall is located at those flats at Jalan Tengah, Bayan Baru. If you’re in the main road (the road to the airport, turn right into Jalan Tengah. You’ll be seeing a few blocks of flats over there. Make a left turn into the flats, and the burger stall is on the right side of the road. It’s just right opposite of the Surau (smaller version of mosque).

hilmee burger opposite surau

Burger special – the usual one that I would have ordered every time I’m at Hilmee Burger Jalan Tengah. Together with an Ice Lemon Tea and a nasi lemak. Ha-ha. Heavy dinner.

mustache owner hilmee

I didn’t really take any picture of the burger as I personally feel picture won’t do any justice to the quality and deliciousness of the burger. This is not gourmet burger that you’re paying RM20 for, hence, looks may not be the first priority of this mustache owner. Ha-ha.

The method of making the burger ain’t new to me, may be very new to lots of Penangite (by the way, I’m Penangite as well, I’m from the Mainland side). What is it that makes this burger so delicious? The owner will cook the burger patty (Ramly brand) and once it’s 70% cook, he will slice the burger into half, and pour the Lea & Perrins sauce on it. Once done, it will be wrapped with egg (depends on what you order). Paired with heavy mayonnaise applied on the bread, combo-ed with tomatoes, lettuce and slightly cooked burger bread, there you go. A nice and cheap burger.

hilmee burger

Hilmee Burger
Jalan Tengah, Bayan Baru (among the flats)
Operating hours: I would say starting from 5.30PM on the weekdays. Not really sure if they’re selling during the weekends.
Contact Number: 012-409 3644

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