Miss Universe announcement by Steve Harvey

By | December 21, 2015

Wow. Just wow. That was a horrible, terrible, unforgivable mistake, man. But good thing is that everyone get to know that Miss Universe competition was held lately. Ha-ha. I do wonder if this whole blunder is staged or not.

Miss Universe 2015 had just concluded with such a huge blunder. Steve Harvey, the host for the event, mistakenly crowning Miss Colombia, Ariadna Gutierrez-Arévalo, as the winner of the 2015 beauty pageant.

‘I have to apologize’. 4 words, uttered from Harvey, that cost Miss Colombia’s smile from her face. ‘The first runner-up is Colombia. Miss Universe 2015 is Philippines,’ Harvey said.

Miss Universe Steve HarveyHold on guys.. I made a mistake..

Anyway, blunder aside. Congrats to Miss Philippines, Pia Alonzo Wurztbach for winning the biggest beauty pageant in the world.

Miss Universe Miss Colombia Miss PhilippinesThe 2 minutes of fame ended for Miss Colombia, and the ultimate fame started for Miss Philippines.

Even the President of Colombia had stepped up and say something.

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