Tomyam Goreng @ Jiao Sai, Abu Siti Lane, Penang

By | January 27, 2016

Jiao Sai – literally means ‘Bird Shit’ in Hokkien. Indeed a funny name  for a restaurant. Heard some rumors before that they got the name when they were operating few years ago under a big tree where there’s tons of bird’s poo around it. Well, hopefully there’s no Jiao Sai in the food! Located at Abu Siti Lane (the last road on Macalister Road, few roads away from Lorong Selamat), this restaurant is fully packed at night. Perhaps many will drop by once they came back from clubbing or partying.

Jiao Sai

You can take a look at the big menu located inside of the restaurant. There’s basically 2 types (of course there’s more. :P) of mee that they served here – Normal Maggi Goreng or Tomyam Goreng. Maggi Goreng is using Maggi Noodle, and Tomyam Goreng is using the famous Thai Rama Noodle.

Jiao Sai

Here’s what I’ve ordered – Tomyam Goreng Kecil (means Small Fried Tomyam Noodle). One basic plate of tomyam goreng (without any special order) comes with the Rama noodle, few pieces of fried chicken and sunny side egg. This is what you will get if you just order for 1 normal plate.

Jiao Sai

Other varieties of selection would be extra chicken, double (double the size), and double + extra chicken. If I remember correctly, this plate above cost me RM6 and I would say this taste pretty good. Rama Noodle tastes good by default, and when it’s fried, the fragrance of the Rama seasoning being brought to next level. Together with an Iced Milo (RM2.50), this is the place that you can hang out even at 2AM in the morning. It’s perfect for anyone craving for late night supper.

Jiao Sai / Restoran Yunus Khan 鸟粪 (Behind Red Rock Hotel)
No. G3, Red Rock Commercial Centre
202-A, Jalan Macalister
10400 Georgetown

Tel: 011 – 1645 5440

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